#17 The implication of Industry 4.0 for the construction industry: towards smart prefab

The Australian construction industry has faced severe challenges over the past few years. Spiralling costs of building materials and construction have made housing less affordable.

Productivity, sustainability, health and well-being, and safety imperatives together with the market-wide expectation for high-quality design have further challenged traditional construction.

This project developed a roadmap for Smart Prefab and Industry 4.0 for the Australian building industry.  This was developed through a thorough review of world best practice and industry 4.0 principles coupled with a series of workshops with industry leaders in construction in Australia to better understand opportunities and barriers facing them

Researchers on project included: Dr Philip Christopher, Dr Siddhesh Godbole, Dr Aravinda Rao,
Dr Francisca Rodriguez Leonard, Dr Sahar Soltani, Dr Ali Rashidi, Prof Tuan Ngo & Dr Duncan Maxwell.