Light House Project #6: Malvern East Apartment Development

Although significant claims exist with regards to the benefits of utilising offsite construction, often, these are anecdotal, context-specific, and challenging to quantify in comparison to business-as-usual. Previous CRC project findings suggest that the benefits of offsite construction are often not realised because the design consultants, developers, and builders do not effectively collaborate to deliver integrated solutions.

This project will document, benchmark, and suggest improvements to realise the benefits in offsite construction using an offsite timber pilot project in Malvern East in order to quantify benefits and recommend improvements.

Research streams will focus on Integrated Design (Design for Manufacture and Assembly -DfMA) considerations, Life Cycle Analysis, Building Performance (Acoustic, Vibrations and Indoor Environmental Quality), Market Perceptions and Digital Project Management (10D-Building Information Modeling) to holistically demonstrate the value of the off-site timber approach in building construction.

Researchers on this project include: Sahar Soltani (Project Lead), Ali Rashidi, Duncan Maxwell, Victor Bunster, Camilo Cruz Gambardella, Jean-Paul Rollo, Jenny Zhou, Victor Chang, Mohaimeen Islam, Miyami Sinhala Pathiranag, Dilshi Dharmarathna, Tuan Ngo, Lu Aye, Tuan Nguyen, Xuemei Liu, Bernard Gibson, Alireza Chiniforush, Richard Nero, Siddhesh Godbole.