Light House Project #1: Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub (mSMH) – A Digital Twin Living Lab

Digital twins are an emerging technology with the potential to revolutionise the building industry by digitising the operation and maintenance of physical assets. However, several challenges need to be overcome before their widespread adoption in the built environment. The Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub (mSMH) aims to tackle these challenges through the creation and utilisation of a digital twin for the hub. This endeavor will focus on assessing the performance of the digital twin by using the built environment’s resilience and well-being as a case study. The project entails enhancing the existing design and deployment of a multimodal sensing network, a data engineering and analytics platform, domain-specific data analytics and simulation applications, as well as a front-end portal for spatial visualisation and interaction with sensing data and simulation results. 

Researchers on this Project Include: Dr Yihai Fang, Dr Jenny Zhou, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Sahar Soltani & Prof. Hai Vu.