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The Implications of Industry 4.0

The AMGC is engaging with Building 4.0 CRC to carry out a project on the application of Industry 4.0 manufacturing principles in the prefabrication construction sector.

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Building Culture May 2021

From the future of modular construction to our digital future… This and more in this month’s snapshot from Building 4.0 CRC.

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Smart Quarantine Infrastructure

Intelligent and healthy quarantine infrastructure is critical for Australia’s future…

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The building sector is the largest employer of Australians with more than 1.4 million jobs, and the training of 50,000 apprentices each year*, and is of vital importance to the nation’s social and economic prosperity.

Our Education & Training strategy addresses current skill shortages, demographic change from a retiring workforce, and new skills demanded by this digital age, preparing for and leading sector-wide change.

Our industry-led programs will forge strong partnerships between VET, universities and industry partners, delivering the next generation of highly-skilled and innovative building professionals and transforming the culture of construction together.

We will soon be commencing the graduate education programs with our university partners, and the skills and training initiatives with our VET partner, Holmesglen Institute.



What education & training opportunities will Building 4.0 CRC deliver?

The CRC will deliver:


Research careers

Congratulations to those applicants who were successful in securing a Building 4.0 CRC PhD Scholarship (Round 1). The competition was very fierce, with many high-level applications having been received. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

Further scholarship opportunities will be posted here as and when they become available.

If you have any queries on our scholarships, please contact