#66 Future of construction education

This research will contribute to the body of knowledge on the future skills required for the building and construction industry and the role of technology and automation in meeting those skills demands.

The research will provide valuable insights for higher education institutions in the development of contemporary, forward-looking industrialised construction degrees. It will also have broader implications for workforce development in the building and construction industry, highlighting the skills and training required to meet the industry’s changing landscape.

The project will have implications for construction education in Victoria and nationally.

Project team: Dr Henry Pook, Dr Sam Duncan, Cedomir Gladovic, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Laura Harper, A/Prof. Ari Seligmann, Prof. Mel Dodd, A/Prof. Maryam Gusheh, Prof. Tuan Ngo, A/Prof. Felix Hui, Dr Robert Moehler, Jane Dash, PhD Students TBC