Kiran Tattukolla

Kiran is currently pursuing a PhD in the Department of Infrastructural Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He completed his Bachelors and Masters program in the Department of Civil Engineering, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS). His primary research interests lie in the field of fire resistance structures, concrete steel composites, modular buildings, sustainable high-performance concrete composites, advanced strengthening techniques for concrete structures, and robustness of cold-formed steel structures under fire conditions. He has published 36 research articles, both as the author and co-author, in reputed journals indexed in SCIE and Scopus.

Kiran has been awarded the Melbourne Research Scholarship (Fee offset), and the Institutional Merit Scholarship (M.Tech) – Category 2a at KITS (2020-2022). His research work aims to develop novel inter-module connections for high-rise modular buildings under real fire situations. The research will involve conducting real fire scenario experiments using the H-TRIS fire testing method and employing advanced numerical simulation techniques. The expected outcome of his study is the proposal of a fire protection system for high-performance inter-module connections that is suitable for any fire scenarios.