Aidan White

Aidan White is a PhD student from Monash University, having completed his Bachelor’s degree and Masters in Architecture at their MADA Caulfield Campus. His studies in Architecture have had a heavy focus on material sustainability and alternative construction methods, with his design direction taking a strong influence from research based around environmentally sensitive issues and the impacts that the processes of our built environment have on ecological conditions. With a strong understanding of communicating his research through graphic representation and the importance of translating information to a broader range of stakeholders within the design and construction industry, Aidan’s research looks to bring a more informed level of understanding of the impacts of material supply to the construction industry and how the way we build affects our natural environment.

A background in visual arts and traditional photographic processes bring a unique graphic communicative style to Aidan’s work. With a passion for bringing a level of craftsmanship to the imagery that he produces, he takes pride in being able to tell a story through the way that his research is portrayed.