#28 Componentised Internal Wall Systems for Multi-residential Applications

Internal wall systems continue to rely on labour intensive and wasteful on-site processing despite advances in prefabrication and other aspects of multi-residential construction. Described performance requirements rely heavily on craftsmanship and supervision ‚when these fail, significant and costly legacy issues arise. 

Through a design-led, systems-thinking approach, this project explored componentised and connected internal wall alternatives, ranging from the improvement of BAU construction to the separation of performance core and surface, to plug-n-play installation. 

The investigation revealed a series of design principles for costing legacy and life-time value, allowing services and performance-based criteria to be integrated in a controlled, off-site environment.

Researchers on this project included: Dr Laura Harper, Dr Lee-Anne Khor, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Ivana
Kuzmanovska, Dr Victor Bunster, Jean-Paul Rollo, Daniela Tinios, Prof. Tuan Ngo, Dr Yousef Alqaryouti & Dr Xuemei Liu.