Project Lead Dr Laura Harper

Laura Harper is a practicing architect and senior lecturer in Architecture. Laura’s research is both architectural and urban, studying material and construction through their systematic connection to wider processes, structures and histories. Laura completed her PhD, The Urbanism of Material, at Monash University in 2018. 

Laura is part of the Monash Urban Lab with a focus on understanding the origins and life-cycle of materials and the ongoing impacts of material production on urban and ecological landscapes. She is currently working on applied research projects including those funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage scheme (Repair of Memory and Place) the CRC Building 4.0 (Componentised walls systems) and with partners from the construction industry, local and state government and not-for-profit organisations. 

Laura has over 15 years’ experience in industry roles in architectural design and construction in Europe and Australia and is director of the research led architectural practice Snooks Harper.