#25 Operational Excellence framework of steel fabrication and processing in the OSM and prefabrication sector (Phase 1)

In the manufacturing of modules off-site, steel fabrication often comes with many challenges, including supply chain reliability and clarity, the need for efficient production at both the steel producer and the modular builder end, and the flexibility for customisation.

This project looked for new methods of efficient production and new ways of collaborating in the steel fabrication supply chain from different perspectives such as monitoring, sustainability performance, efficient product platforms, innovative manufacturing techniques, transport and logistics and efficient communications.

Phase 1 of this project was a scoping exercise to review the current state of the market and a comprehensive technology review.

Researchers on this project included: A/Prof. Felix Kin Peng Hui, Prof. Daniel Samson, Prof. Prakash Singh,
A/Prof. Sherah Kurnia, Dr Guilherme Tortorella, Prof Tuan Ngo, Dr Siddhesh Godbole, Mr Omar Castrejon, Dr Robert Moehler, Dr Jenny Zhou & Dr Mizan Ahmed.