Light House Project #7: Platform Delivery of Affordable Housing

This project centres on a collaborative affordable housing development in Western Australia, founded on lead partner LTCM’s patented offsite construction approach. It aims to showcase speed, efficiency, waste reduction and sustainability in construction using a unified digital platform. Key objectives include:

– demonstrating sustainability improvements
– validating digital construction processes
– quantifying value gains through the offsite, platform approach.

Specific research streams delve into value analysis using Building Information Modelling (BIM), waste reduction through increased BIM usage, embodied carbon quantification using BIM and supply chain efficiency enhancement via shared Digital Twin technology. These streams aim to uncover correlations, efficiencies and insights for sustainable, cost-effective construction. 

Project team: Prof. Nelson Lam, Prof. Lu Aye, Assoc. Prof. Tai Thai, Dr Xuemei Liu, Dr Alireza Chiniforush, Dr Siddhesh Godbole

Associated Organisations: Steel Framing Australia