#11 Environmental Credentials for Building Technology Platforms

There is a growing need for environmental credentials to support B2B and B2C communication in the building industry. Solutions based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology are the most comprehensive, covering all the stages of the building’s lifecycle – from extraction of raw materials to their end-of-life stages.

Despite the potential efficiencies of loosely-coupled supply chains, distributed decision making, and increased levels of digitalisation, there are no readily available methods to systematically assess the environmental impacts of building technology platforms.

This project is developing an ISO-compliant LCA framework to quantify and communicate these impacts using the uTecture and Airbuildr platforms as cases.

Researchers on the project include: Dr Victor Bunster, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Santiago Muñoz-Vela,
Fernando Pavez, Yussra Rashed, Seongwon Seo & Edan Weis.