#3 Projects to Platforms: Investigating New Forms of Collaboration – Scoping Study

Construction practice is rooted in project-based thinking as organisations use temporary teams to create one-off products in response to unique and changeable site conditions.

As a result, product platforms have begun to emerge in construction. However, the introduction of broader, platform-based business models promises fundamental and holistic change to traditional construction.

Such business models leverage a combination of strategies in terms of product and process that require investigation, definition, critique, and adaptation for their potential use in construction.

This project investigates construction’s disparate ecosystem to consolidate the broader network of actors through an examination of industry-wide business-level platforms.

Researchers on project include: Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Priya Das, Dr Amer Hijazi, Professor Amrik Sohal, Dr Robert Moehler, Alka Nand, Daniel Samson, Prakash Singh, Zahra Seyedghorban & Liang Chen.