#38 Victorian Government Digital Build – Translating theory into practice

This cross-sector collaboration aims to address the gap between theory and practice to facilitate greater uptake of digitally integrated building and offsite construction in Victoria. Three tranches of research will be used to build Victoria-specific evidence about digital building projects, practices and environments:

1) off-site and modular construction hubs
2) benefits of digital build
3) project applicability decision making framework.

Building on our partners’ expertise and project data, this project will integrate spatial, economic and socio-technical research to align government and industry imperatives for establishing and sustaining a robust, digitally integrated building industry in Victoria.

Researchers include: Prof Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Dr Lee-Anne Khor, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Sahar Soltani, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Laura Harper, Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska, A/Prof Lionel Frost, A/Prof Seamus OHanlon, Dr Claudio Labanca, A/Prof Gillian Oliver, Dr Abdallah Ghazlan, Dr Misita Anwar, Dr Caddie Gao, Prof Tuan Ngo, Dr Behzad Rismanchi, A/Prof Kourosh Khoshelham, A/Prof Tai Thai, Dr Lisa Kruesi, Dr Jocelyn Cranefield, Dr Siddhesh Godbole, Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Nelson Lam, Dr Rackel San Nicolas & Dr Xuemei Liu.

You can help to achieve a sustainable digitally integrated building industry in Victoria   

Tell us about the key challenges and implications of managing digital assets in building projects. Please respond to a 10-minute anonymous survey, which is part of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC), Building 4.0 project 38.  The aim of this research is to help with the implementation of digitally integrated building and offsite construction in Victoria.

Here is your link to the survey.

Please complete or respond to sections relevant to you in the survey by Friday, February 3, 2023

If you require any further information or would like to participate in an interview on sustainable data and knowledge assets in the building industry, please contact Lisa Kruesi (lisa.kruesi@monash.edu.au )

Your contribution is vital. We appreciate and value your input to this important research.