#48 Scoping Study for Building the Future – Circular Economy – Shared Interest Project

With C&D materials accounting for 44% of all waste generated in Australia and the building sector’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions at a record high, the move to a circular economy presents a significant opportunity for positive change. Given the complex socio-political and economic factors at play, and the potentially competing needs of key stakeholders, this scoping study will form a solid foundation on which to plan the necessary steps and actions to enable the transition to a circular economy. Study findings and the resulting roadmap will be widely disseminated to study participants, industry stakeholders and government to catalyse meaningful action. 

Researchers on this project include: Professor Leonie Barner (Project Lead), Dr Judith Herbst, Dr Melissa Teo, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor Mirko Guaralda, Professor Tim Schork, Dr Sara Omrani, Associate Prof. Peter Graham, Dr Victor Bunster, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Prof. Amrik Sohal, Fernando Pavez Souper, Dr Phil Christopher, Prof Lu Aye, Prof Robert Crawford & Ali Pakdel.