Verton has developed a remote-control solution to orientate suspended loads from a safe distance eliminating the need for traditional taglines. The EVEREST SpinPod series of load orientation systems allows lifting operations to be hands free, removing operators from the line of fire and completely changing the risk profile of lifting operations.

As well as improving safety, customers experience productivity gains of 30-40% with minimal changes to existing procedures. Greater improvements are achieved when customers approach jobs in a different way, utilising the additional capabilities of the Verton equipment, such as the Hold function, Pitch and Catch, and others. 

For infrastructure projects, cranes are often the bottleneck, and Verton helps our customers to de-risk these operations, while improving efficiency and completing projects ahead of schedule. As proven on a recent large-scale infrastructure project in Brisbane, where their customer used the Verton equipment to increase the output by 400% (from 350 to 1700 tonnes per shift) and reduce the schedule by 5 months.

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