#24 Next Generation of Robust and Fire-resilient Light Gauge Steel Systems for Mid-Rise Buildings (Umbrella Project) 

Light gauge steel (LGS) offers significant advantages over other materials including good strength for weight properties, ability to pre-fabricate, quicker construction times, non-combustibility and resistance to rotting, shrinking, warping and termite attack. Today, it is not clearly understood what tools and inputs are considered at the early planning phase, for a LGS solution to be a 

viable structural construction alternative to timber, hot rolled steel and other structural systems, particularly in mid-rise building applications. 

Following the findings and recommendations from Phase 1, the key industry  problems pertain to the challenges and barriers hindering the adoption of LGS in  the Australian mid-rise building market.   This project should provide a side-by-side evaluation of LGS against the  incumbent systems to demonstrate LGS as a viable alternative, with minimal  disruption to current design and engineering processes.  This project is divided into two sub-projects to address the above mentioned industry problems: 

1) Systems and methods for robustness of LGS mid-rise buildings (#20 ext)  2) Fire Resistance of LGS Floor Systems (#21)