#24 Next Generation of Robust and Fire-resilient Light Gauge Steel Systems for Mid-Rise Buildings (Umbrella Project) 

This project will investigate the fire resistance behavior of light gauge steel (LGS) floor ceiling systems made of high strength lipped channel sections and truss configurations. It will use small-scale and full-scale fire tests and advanced numerical modelling. It will consider the commonly used sub-floor and ceiling materials, investigate the mechanical properties of floor and ceiling materials and associated connections at ambient and elevated temperatures, and study their effects on the fire resistance levels (FRLs) including those of board fall-off. It will develop FRL tables and spreadsheet-based design tools for all the selected LGS floor configurations for inclusion in fire design handbooks.

Light gauge steel (LGS) offers significant advantages over other construction materials such as easy to install and resistant to rotting, shrinking and termite attack. However, the structural robustness to resist progressive collapse under localised damage due to accidental loads is a critical concern in LGS systems. This is particularly the case given the connections in LGS buildings are usually made via screws and rivets with low tying resistance.

This project will develop cost-effective structural solutions for robustness of LGS structures to promote their applications in mid-rise construction markets such as offices, apartments, hotels, hospitals, student accommodation and aged care facilities.

Researchers on project include: Prof. Mahen Mahendran, Dr Anthony Ariyanayagam, Mr Fatheen Hisham, & Mr Gihan Ranasinghe. Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Nelson Lam, A/Prof Tai Thai, Dr Tuan Nguyen, Mr Chris Mathwin, Mr Trac Nguyen.