#20 Systems and methods for robustness of mid-rise light gauge steel (LGS) buildings – Phase 1 Scoping Study

Unlike hot-rolled steel buildings, where the robustness requirement can be easily met with the use of bolted or welded joining methods with high tensile resistance for connecting structural members, the connections in LGS buildings are made in the form of screws and rivets with low tensile resistance, and thus they are usually vulnerable to progressive failure.

This project developed cost-effective systems and design methods to achieve suitable robustness in LGS buildings. The success of this study promotes the practical application of LGS to mid-rise construction markets.

Researchers on this project included: Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Nelson Lam, A/Prof Tai Thai, Dr Tuan Nguyen, Mr Chris Mathwin, A/Prof Amin Heidarpour, Dr Mizan Ahmed.