New Projects

Over the past few months, our research teams have commenced 7 new projects that support our 4 primary themes: Sustainability, Productivity, Digitalization, and People, Practices & Culture. The Building 4.0 CRC aims to not only meet industry-led research needs for the present, but to also enable industry to meet yet unknown challenges and opportunities of the future. These forward-focused projects will collectively help us in this objective: 

Image courtesy of Hyne

#15 Using the Whole Tree for Future Timber-Based Construction – Scoping Study: The project is a review and scoping exercise to find ways of using the whole tree more effectively while adding value to the built environment. Partners on this project are Hyne & Son, Sumitomo Forestry Australia and the University of Melbourne.  

#24 Next Generation of Robust and Fire-resilient Light Gauge Steel Systems for Mid-Rise Buildings (Umbrella Project): This project aims to show light gauge steel (LGS) is a viable construction material for mid-rise buildings. Partners on this project are BlueScope, the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Melbourne.

#33 Evaluation of Emerging Technologies for Remote (Virtual) Inspections of Building Work: This project investigates using remote digital technologies for building inspections and aims to develop a guideline for using these technologies. Partners on this project are the Victorian Building Authority, the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, Salesforce, Sumitomo Forestry Australia, the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

#38 Victorian Government Digital Build – Translating theory into practice: This project aims to demonstrate the benefits of digitally integrated building and offsite construction in Victoria via pilot construction projects. Partners on this project are AG Coombs, BlueScope, Fleetwood Australia, Coresteel Australia, Office of Projects Victoria, Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Lendlease Digital, Monash University, Sumitomo Forestry Australia, SFDC Australia, Master Builders Association of Victoria, the University of Melbourne and Ynomia. 


#44 Generative Architectural Design Engine: This project aims to introduce AI-driven generative design models that can explore diverse, highly performative design alternatives. Partners on this project are Lendlease Digital and Monash University.  

BuildSMART (2016)

#45 Prefab, Integrated Wall System: Phase 2 – Demonstration House and Market Study: This project will develop and demonstrate a prefabricated wall system for 8-star energy efficient homes for the Australian home market. It aims to refine and improve construction, delivery and assembly methods. Partners on this project are: Bentley Homes, the University of Melbourne and Ultimate Windows.  

CFD1 (Shibo Wang, 2022)

#57 Wind Comfort Simulation and New Engineering Design Process: This project aims to introduce a feedback loop for improving building wind comfort design. This loop will feed operational data back into the design process. It will also examine if the loop can be extended to other design disciplines, including fire, water, thermal, occupancy, lighting, electricity and connectivity. Partners on this project are Lendlease Digital and Monash University.