#8 Prefab, Integrated Wall Systems – Scoping Study

This project seeked to design a high-performance wall system exceeding the performance of a 7-star dwelling, with window systems that can be manufactured in two weeks and wall systems that can assembled on-site  (lockup stage) in four weeks, and can be manufactured, delivered and installed in a cost-effective manner. 

The initial phase consisted of a technology review and scoping exercise that  lead a detailed design phase and a manufacturing systems design phase.

Researchers on this project included: A/Prof. Felix Kin Peng Hui, Prof. Tuan Ngo Prof. Lu Aye,
A/Prof. Tai Thai, Dr Philip Christopher, Dr Harry Khuong Bui, Dr Wasim Muhammad, Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Dr Victor Bunster,  Dr Alexandra McRobert