#4 Computational Design and Optimisation Tools for Prefabricated Building Systems – Phase 1 Scoping Study

The objective of this project was to develop a computational framework for producing optimised design options for modular facade and floor systems, which are both structurally and thermally efficient, early in the conceptual design phase. 

Given the multi-objective criteria (both structural and energy), several designs were presented to the client in a format that allows engineers to make an informed decision on the option that meets project constraints. The time/cost efficiency of these building systems was ascertained by benchmarking them against existing case studies of building systems (facade and floor) designed using traditional manual techniques.

Researchers on the project included: Dr Tai Thai, Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Robin Drogemuller, Dr Veronica
Garcia Hansen, Dr Wendy Miller, Dr Abdallah Ghazlan, Dr Khuong Bui, Tu Le, Tay Son Le & Islam Mashaly.