Projects update – November 2023

Work has started on another 4 new projects:

#21 Regulatory Reform for Industrialised Building – will review current regulations relating to offsite manufacturing of building components and propose standardised certification processes. Partners on this project are A.G. Coombs, Fleetwood Australia, Lendlease Digital, Queensland University of Technology, Standards Australia, Master Builders Association Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority.

#53  Process Engineering, and Design and Estimating Automation of Fleetwood’s Product Platform – aims to improve Fleetwood’s business by digitising the physical components and assets of their product platform, and automating their design and estimating processes, procedures and workflows. Partners on this project are Fleetwood Australia, Monash University and the University of Melbourne.  

Light House Project #7 Platform Delivery of Affordable Housing – aims to showcase speed, efficiency, waste reduction and sustainability in constructing affordable housing, using a unified digital platform. Partners on this project are BlueScope Steel, LTCM, Nexans, Steel Framing Australia and the University of Melbourne.

Light House Project #13 Mixed Reality Carpentry Demonstration – aims to demonstrate how augmented reality and virtual reality can improve training and upskilling processes, assembly instructions, spatial awareness, quality control and collaboration. Partners on this project are Fologram, Holmesglen Institute, Monash University and the Ynomia.

We’re looking for new project ideas

We will release the next Expression of Interest (EOI) on 4 December 2023, asking members of the CRC community to propose new research projects. The next round will seek proposals on projects related to adaptive reuse, retrofits and circular construction.

Keep an eye out for our emailed EOI invitation, which will contain further details and criteria. We look forward to your proposals!