#23 When prefab hits the ground: Barriers and opportunities in the Australian housing market

Traditional construction practices in Australia have been criticised for their focus on the reduction of upfront construction costs at the expense of quality, performance and flexibility.

Current and emerging prefabrication processes could provide the efficiency and quality of construction to the traditional built-to-sell market, however by incorporating the possibilities to cater for the recently developing built-to-rent sector is considered to drive it even stronger.

This is because Build-to-rent shifts the housing profit model from capital gains to one based on ongoing rental income, with viability tied to minimising ongoing expenditure.

This scoping study examined the intersection of these assets and prefabrication processes, to identify opportunities for the housing and construction sector to reduce ongoing greenhouse gas emissions and increase the quality of stock.

Researchers on this project included: Dr Tanja Tyvimaa: Dr Alysia Bennett, Dr Judy Matthews, Dr Duncan Maxwell, Declan Murphy, Dr Francisca Rodriguez Leonard, Daniela Tinios, Dr Kirsty Volz, Rebecca Williams.