#22 Generative design and BIM-based Design Automation methods for Steel Framed Buildings – Phase 1 Scoping Study

Light gauge steel (LGS) offers significant advantages over other materials including lightweight, quicker construction times, non-combustibility and resistance to rotting, shrinking, warping and termite attack.

Today, it is not clearly understood which tools and inputs should be considered at the early planning phase in order for an LGS solution to be considered a viable structural construction alternative to timber, steel and other structural systems, particularly in mid-rise building applications.

The project developed computational design and optimisation tools for generating LGS building systems with excellent structural/fire performance that was benchmarked against an existing project that has employed traditional methods to quantify time and cost savings.

Researchers on this project included: Dr Abdallah Ghazlan, Dr Tu Le, Dr Yousef Alqaryouti,
Dr Muhammad Wasim, Dr Sara Omrani, Dr Tai Thai, A/ Prof Hafizah Ramli Sulong, Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Nelson Lam & Prof Robin Drogemuller.