VIRIDI Group joins Building 4.0 CRC

With leading expertise in technology-based solutions, and pre-existing Research & Development functionality, VIRIDI Group have been welcomed into the Building 4.0 CRC consortium as a promising new partner.

VIRIDI Group develop, design and manufacture timber based pre-finished structural solutions to the property and construction industry, and their manufacturing capability is highly automated, ensuring a cost effective and high quality product – perfectly complementing the CRC’s existing partner capability. Furthermore, their sustainable and minimal waste approach fits seamlessly into the mix, aligning with the CRC’s better buildings and new efficiencies targets.

“We’re very excited to be joining the CRC consortium and collaborating alongside some of the most recognised leaders in the building and construction industry,” said Mr Adam Strong, Chief Executive Officer at VIRIDI Group. “We’re here to make a long-term difference: we aim to inspire positive change in the building industry; spark creativity and collaboration; influence cultural and environmental awareness; build communities; and enrich people’s lives. Our partnership with Building 4.0 CRC is the perfect opportunity to help achieve all this”, he added.

“VIRIDI Group brings so much to the consortium. Their solid interest in design, and their manufacturing and prefabrication value-add, complements, and completes the CRC supply chain,” explained Isaac Coonan, Building 4.0 CRC’s Industry Lead.

“We were excited to see the Group’s active projects and how these could enhance our own projects, for example, their current hybrid timber project – Oakhill College Innovation Hub – and the design, supply and install techniques they introduced to the project. We will derive much value from their incorporation of wellness into their work, and their wholistic approach to construction,” Isaac concluded.

Interested in partnering with the CRC? Contact Isaac Coonan, Building 4.0 CRC Industry Lead, at