Round 3 Scholarship call now open

We’re excited to announce that the third round of Building 4.0 CRC PhD scholarships is now open!  

Our PhD scholarships are a unique opportunity to work within a leading initiative aiming to transform the building and construction industry.   

The student’s PhD research proposal must align with CRC objectives, focusing on the following key research subject areas related to architectural construction: 

  • Industrialisation  
  • Digitalisation 
  • People, Places & Culture 
  • Sustainability. 

Please review the 41 B4.0CRC Research Themes to gain a more detailed insight into topics of specialisation that may align to your research proposal. 

We will match successful applicants with our Projects, or with our Industry Partners. They will work alongside research experts at one of our three university partners listed below.
Altogether 14 new scholarships (Full and Top-ups) are available, including: 

Monash University:  

  • Monash Art, Design & Architecture (MADA) – 2 x Top-up scholarships  
  • Faculty of Engineering – 1 x Top-up scholarship  
  • Faculty of Information and Technology – 1 x Top-up scholarship 
  • Faculty of Business and Economics – 1 x Full & 1 x Top-up scholarship  

University of Melbourne:

  • Faculty of Engineering and IT  – 4 x Full scholarships & 2 x Top-up scholarships 

Queensland University of Technology:  

  • All Faculties – 2 x Top-up scholarships 

Closing date for applications is Monday, 13 March 2023.  

Scholarship Details 

  • The Full scholarship will provide funding of up to $40,000 per annum. Term of stipend is 3 years, with the option of a 6-month extension (on application and subject to university approval). 
  • The Top-up scholarships will provide funding of $10,000 per annum to holders of existing scholarships, such as Research Training Program (RTP) or University Research Scholarships. 
  • Successful candidates will be required to participate in B40CRC research projects with a minimum FTE of 0.6 for Full scholarship recipients and a minimum FTE of 0.15 for Top-up scholarship recipients. 
  • The scholarship recipient will also have the opportunity to apply for discretionary funds of  
    $5,000-10,000 per annum for travel, conferences, materials, equipment, software, hardware, courses, thesis printing (2 copies), and other related expenditure (on application and subject to CRC approval).  
  • The CRC may fund some relocation costs for non-local students, however this will be deducted from any potential discretionary funds for the first year of candidature. 
  • Due to current difficulties in obtaining visas to study in Australia, the CRC encourages applicants who hold permanent resident status or visas.  
  • Should non-permanent residents choose to apply, the CRC encourages potential candidates to enquire about costs and barriers to obtaining visas from the applicant’s country before applying. 
  • The CRC is an Equal Opportunity organisation, that prioritises diversity, equity and inclusion. 

The application process requires the following to occur: 

  • Step 1: Read through the PhD Scholarship Information Kit to make sure applicants meet the eligibility criteria and agree to scholarship requirements. 
  • Step 2: Consider how applicants potential research can expand upon our existing projects and relate to our existing partners. Applicants can also peruse existing research topics by current PhD students on the website to identify gaps in current research areas. 
  • Step 3:  Identify & contact potential supervisor(s) at the applicants chosen university and faculty, according to their expertise/research interest/key subject area. With the supervisor’s support, applicants should develop a research proposal that is aligned with B40CRC research activities, partner requirements, and key subject areas as listed above.  
  • Step 4:  If the applicant is not currently enrolled at Monash, The University of Melbourne or QUT then, together with their supervisor, they will need to coordinate an application for candidature. Proof of a successful EOI/invitation to apply from each university & faculty will be required for applicants to submit their B40CRC PhD scholarship application.  
  • Step 5:  Provide evidence of support from their potential supervisor/s. If the applicant has been enrolled or has a successful EOI, they will then be able to apply for a B40CRC PhD Scholarship. 
  • Step 6:   Apply for the scholarship using the  PhD Scholarship Information Kit.  Make sure you read and understand all parts of the kit. Note the completed application form must be included with the applicant’s submission.  

Please direct any enquiries to