UoM Sustainable and Renewable Forest Products Group

Wood science and wood processing technology; Value chains for plantation-grown wood, from resource characterisation to development and performance of engineered wood products; Engineering and design properties; R&D and environmental awareness.

Facilities: Wood science and technology laboratory (universal testing machine, accelerated weathering unit, adhesion testing facilities); Wood and wood-based products manufacturing workshop (carpentry, laboratory press, conventional and solar kilns). A full list of infrastructure and equipment is available at: https://ecosystemforest.unimelb.edu.au/research/sustainable-and-renewable-forest-products#laboratory.

Contact: Dr Benoit Belleville, benoit.belleville@unimelb.edu.au; Prof. Barbara Ozarska (Hon), bo@unimelb.edu.au, https://ecosystemforest.unimelb.edu.au/research/sustainable-and-renewable-forest-product