UoM School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, Bushfire Behaviour and Management Group, Fire Lab

This group’s work covers a broad range of fire behaviour topics including research on the ignition and combustion of fuels, the spread of wildfire and transition mechanisms to the Wildland Urban Interface, and the performance of structural materials under different fire conditions.

Facilities: Their facility currently contains a variety of experimental apparatuses and equipment covering a wide range of ecology, bushfire and fire safety topics, e.g. Variable Heat Flux Apparatus is a unique custom designed and built setup, allowing the testing of ignition and combustion of materials under static and variable radiative heat flux up to 100 kW/m^2; Non-combustibility Apparatus is an Australian Standard (AS 1530.1); Flame Propagation Apparatus is an Australian Standard (AS 9239.1); IKA® C1 bomb calorimeter.

Contact: Dr Alex Filkov, Senior Research Fellow, +61 3 5321 4198, +61 426 275 273, alexander.filkov@unimelb.edu.au, https://www.bushfire.school/fire-lab