UoM BPM Lab, School of Computing and Information Systems

The BPM Lab focuses on fundamental and applied research in business process management, with an emphasis on process intelligence. By marrying business and IT perspectives, their goal is to devise novel techniques and tools that help improve organisational performance by reverse-engineering an organisation’s business processes from their transactional data. A number of companies in different sectors have benefitted from the insights gained from their research, in order to increase their operational effectiveness, efficiency and compliance, and enable digital transformation and innovation. The research developed in their lab has witnessed significant technology transfer to practice, via the establishment of a successful spinout.

Facilities: The BPM Lab will soon relocate to the new Melbourne Connect building of the University of Melbourne, offering state-of-the-art facilities to foster co-creation between academia and industry: https://melbconnect.com.au/place/.

Contact: Prof. Marcello La Rosa, Leader of the BPM Lab, marcello.larosa@unimelb.edu.au, https://cis.unimelb.edu.au/information-systems/bpm/