QUT Smart and Sustainable Buildings and Communities Group (QUT Urban Studies Lab)

This group researches into the adoption and applications of smart and digital technologies, processes (e.g., BIM, AI, automation, prefabrication), and sustainability principles and features in residential and other types of buildings, to bring greater construction efficiencies and operational performance. They study the close intricacies and interfaces between the planning, design, construction and operation phases of buildings. Their research identifies the perception and expectations of communities and building users to identify the changes needed in the current construction practice to improve the quality of buildings and living. They focus on implementing smart and sustainable techniques and tools to address typical issues related to urban design, housing affordability and innovation, housing for the senior citizens, and advancing digital transformation of construction processes, organisations and the building and construction industry.

Facilities: They have access to a full suite of software and world-class research facilities. QUT Design Lab and the Centre for Data Science provide them with opportunities to develop interdisciplinary research collaboration, creative solutions and external engagement. QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre contains state-of-the art and high-end digital laboratories, analytical research facilities, and learning spaces for modelling, visualising, and interpreting the built environment systems. The bi-monthly BrisBIM events that QUT hosts and the Project Management Academy provide them unique opportunities to engage with the construction industry.

Contact: Dr Madhav Nepal, +61 7 3138 9257, madhav.nepal@qut.edu.au, https://research.qut.edu.au/smartcity/home/people/urban-studies-lab/