QUT Digital Engineering Group

The Digital Engineering Group develop software tools that use BIM/Digital Engineering data as the basis for informed decision-making. Their expertise lies in analysing user processes, modelling information flows, and developing user interfaces that provide data-driven support for informed decision-making. They use a range of advanced software engineering skills such as domain specific languages and mapping languages to support this software development.

Facilities: While the IP in specific pieces of software is normally retained by others, the core competitive advantage of this group lies in the expertise developed over time in understanding the information available in building projects, how to present this information to various users in a way relevant to them, and how to add value to their decision-making processes.

Contact: Prof. Robin Drogemuller, +61 7 3138 6965, +61 423 825 254, robin.drogemuller@qut.edu.au, https://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/robin.drogemuller