QUT Design Lab: Design Robotics and Digital Fabrication Program

The Design Robotics and Digital Fabrication program provides direct pathways from design to manufacturing. Their research creates processes and technologies for sustainable futures by linking design, robotics, and manufacturing. They explore innovative design possibilities through cutting-edge experimental design projects and work to make sure that technology meets the needs of real people. Connecting to Industry 4.0, Collaborative Robotics, and Open Innovation principles, they explore advanced manufacturing strategies to benefit business and the built environment helping to transform Australian manufacturing.

Facilities: Design Robotics is within the QUT Design Lab, a tier 2 QUT research centre. They are part of the $18M Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub in QLD. The Design Lab and ARM Hub have collaborative robotic arms, robotic vision and engineering capabilities, an industrial robotic arm, and the latest VR & AR equipment for industry and research use. QUT has full suite of digital fabrication equipment including 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, wood and metal working equipment.

Contact: A/Prof. Glenda Amayo Caldwell, g.caldwell@qut.edu.au, https://www.designrobotics.net/