QUT Architectural Science Group, School of Architecture and Built Environment

The Architectural Science group is positioned at both the intersection and forefront of Architecture, Energy and Health. They use innovative research methodologies that facilitate the collection of large data sets of physical conditions of indoor and outdoor environments (e.g. lighting levels, brightness, temperature, occupancy, solar radiation, air velocity) and self-reported data (preferences, wellbeing, comfort). They use ubiquitous sensors and technologies, finding patterns and solutions employing machine learning algorithms and optimisation procedures for the design of energy efficient and healthy built environments.

Facilities: Through the Design Lab and the Faculty of Engineering, the group has access to a wide range of specialist facilities such as construction workshops and digital printing rooms, technical departments (electrical programmers for the design of ubiquitous sensors), high-performance computer (CFD, parametric daylighting and thermal simulations), and equipment for the monitoring of environmental conditions (such as air velocity transducer, hot wire anemometers, silicon pyranometer, surface temperature sensors, illuminance and luminance meters, thermal cameras, spectrometers, etc.).

Contact: A/Prof. Veronica Garcia Hansen, +61 7 3138 1623, v.garciahansen@qut.edu.au, https://www.qut.edu.au/science-engineering-old/schools/built-environment