Monash Immersive Analytics and Data Visualisation Lab, Department of Human Centred Computing

This lab is bringing data out of computers and into the world around us. They’ve pioneered a research initiative called Immersive Analytics. Its promise is to help people to understand and work with complex data and analytical systems in new and more effective ways. Their work explores the potential for new immersive display and interaction technologies – such as large interactive surfaces and augmented and virtual reality – to help people perform data analysis and enhance decision-making. For the building industry, they are interested in immersive visualisation and human-in-the-loop analytics for Building Information Models (BIM) and Digital Twins, as well as mixed-reality support for site workers and facilities managers.

Facilities: The team has a state-of-the-art mixed reality lab space at Clayton Campus, new in February 2021. The facility includes a 10×10 metre virtual reality arena with Vicon optical tracking technology and a variety of VR and computer graphics workstations, touch screens, wall and table displays, and a workshop for tangible interaction technology. 

Contact: Prof. Tim Dwyer,,