Monash HumaniSE (Human-centric Software Engineering) Lab

The HumaniSE Lab is led by Prof. John Grundy who is a world-leader in inventing Domain-Specific Visual Languages for Model-Driven Software Engineering tools and has over 30 years’ experience in IT. The Lab stems from John’s prestigious ARC Laureate Fellowship that is researching and developing new approaches in software engineering. Their goal is to assimilate the unique and often underrepresented “human” aspects of software users such as age, language, culture and gender to create better, more inclusive software solutions. The team consists of a group of highly experienced researchers across the software engineering, data science, and health research fields who are passionate advocates for creating more inclusive software. Possible applications to buildings include development of more human-centred “smart building” management systems, complex building design systems integration, and health and well-being supporting smart homes and workplaces.

Facilities: Living Lab: A collaborative space to conduct focus groups and workshops; Range of sensors for smart building/smart city research, e.g. movement, lights, locks etc.; Large computer platforms for deep learning-based data analysis.

Contact: Prof. John Grundy, +61 3 9905 8854,,