Monash Discipline of Construction Engineering and Management (CEM), Department of Civil Engineering

The Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) discipline at the Department of Civil Engineering is leading in a wide range of research projects that span all three of the department’s research themes. The discipline will make a tangible impact on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment, through innovative, interdisciplinary research in off-site prefabrication, construction automation and informatics, project management and stakeholder engagement.

Facilities: Structural Engineering Lab: a large space incorporating all the facility needed for advanced research and teaching purposes. Boasting the large strong floor in Australia at 1.5 meters thick, and a wide range of facilities for testing and analysis, from reduced to full-scale applications under various loading conditions, including but not limited to static, durability, high temperatures, impact, fatigue, and cyclic loading. Civil Engineering Visualisation Lab: equipped with state-of-the-art sensing, analytics and visualisation facilities, including terrestrial and handheld 3D laser scanners, UAVs, immersive high-res screen walls, virtual and augmented reality systems, and driving and construction equipment simulators. Civil Engineering Robotic Construction Lab: provides a unique platform for research and development for robotic-driven structural assembly and construction automation. It features a flexible and adaptive design and instrumentation of structures and space for a team of collaborative and industrial robots in an interactive environment to achieve automated prefabrication, assembly and building.

Contact: Dr Yihai Fang, +61 3 9905 5022,,