Monash Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies (CLARS)

CLARS is located within the Monash Faculty of Law and has a strong commitment to diverse and innovative forms of high-quality and cross-disciplinary legal research that has governmental, professional, and social impact. We enable our projects through our expertise in the following areas: The Construction and contact law – including smart contracts, blockchain; Construction clauses – risk allocation/benefit allocation; Dispute resolution; Regulatory theory and practice; Sustainability regulation – housing; Comparative analysis and best practice; Workplace (and building) health and safety; Mental Health in Construction Law; Workforce organisation – contractors/employment; Workforce supplies/labour supply chains/upskilling workers; Migrant labour; Innovation and commercialisation issues – including intellectual property; Environmental Planning Law; Data science and artificial intelligence.

Facilities: CLARS has access to computer labs which can host up to 15 researchers. Those computer labs are connected to MoVE, – the Monash Virtual Environment – allowing for access to cutting-edge software, such as CityEngine, GAUSS, MATLAB, NVivo; as well as research platforms including super-computers.

Contact: Prof. Jean Allain, +61 428 933 647,,