Monash Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law is found within the Faculty of Law, Monash University. They have expertise in the following areas: Modern Slavery and Supply Chains; Gender issues in the construction industry; Mental Health in Construction Law; Labour Rights; Housing Policy.

Facilities: The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law host project-based researchers carrying out legal work related to public consultations and discrete, funded research on a continuous basis. The Centre has facilities to host researchers, and has interns undertaking projects and students carrying out research. Its computer labs are equipped for 10-15 researchers. Those computer labs are connected to the Monash Virtual Environment (MoVE), allowing for access to cutting-edge software, including NVivo, SPSS, R-Studio to undertake quantitative or qualitative research; as well as research platforms such as the Courts of the Future courtroom to carry out hands on research related to legal proceedings.

Contact: Prof. Jean Allain, +61 428 933 647,,