International Consortium for Research in Employment & Work (iCREW), Centre for Global Business, Monash Business School

iCREW focuses on industrial relations, human resources and work organisation. They aim to improve workplace innovation, employee engagement, trust, dialogue and voice to enhance working environments, including improving skills, quality, productivity, diversity, inclusion, health and safety, to prevent disputes and mitigate harmful workplace conflict. This involves increasing cooperation between employers, workers, their associations and unions. The team strives for a positive impact for people and organisations, contributing to enhanced organisational culture, performance and improved wellbeing for various stakeholders, including workers.

Facilities: iCREW has a global network of collaborators who conduct interdisciplinary research, in the social sciences, at interfaces with organisational and technological change. Its experience includes: outsourcing; shared services; lean management; high-performance HRM, workforce retention; quality; work process change; efficiency, justice and voice: preventing workplace disputes; and, roles of HR and employment relations in competitive corporate strategies. iCREW aims to foster the improvement of corporate and public policies as well as learning from promising practices in other contexts in Australia and overseas.

Contact: Prof. Greg Bamber, Director, 0418 875 474,,