Holmesglen Institute: Centre for Applied Research

Holmesglen’s rich 40+ years of experience in building and construction trade training, along with its Applied Research Centre, provides the CRC and its partners the opportunity to engage with Holmeglen’s learners and expert teachers in the transformation of the construction sector. With the right trade training facilities, access to 1,800+ apprentice employers and 3,000+ apprentices across building and construction programs, Holmesglen offers the perfect testing ground for skills and training initiatives to take place.

Facilities: Holmesglen offers digitally-transformed classrooms and study spaces, supported by advanced training facilities. Such as its award-winning HVAC Centre of Excellence, the Victorian Tunnelling Centre, the Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy, and other building and construction trade training workshops. The Institute’s workshops and collaboration spaces encourage new ways of teaching and learning, foster collaborative partnerships, and immerse learners in industry-led projects. Its facilities and industry-endorsed courses provide a breadth of opportunities in education, employment, and skills for the future of work.

Contact: Dr Henry Pook, Associate Director, +61 3 9564 1886, Henry.pook@holmesglen.edu.au, www.holmesglen.edu.au