Computational and Collective Intelligence (CCI), Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI)

CCI promotes excellence in AI and multi-agent systems research that has applications to industry-driven problems and for meeting pressing social and environmental needs. Broadly, our research provides (i) simulation and modelling, (ii) automated decision making, and (iii) decision-support tools to solve complex problems that arise in real-world systems. Examples range from human phenomena such as democracies, cities, and buildings, through hybrid natural-artificial agricultural systems, to wild ecosystems and social insect colonies.

Facilities: The Monash eResearch Centre provides world-class high-performance computing facilities and programming support, most prominently MASSIVE, a high-performance CPU/GPU cluster with close to 4,000 cores. It combines accelerated processing power in excess of 170 teraflop with 500 TB high bandwidth storage giving CCI unparalleled capabilities for simulation and advanced analytics.

Contact: A/Prof. Alan Dorin, Group Lead,,