Built Environment Sustainability Group

This group of researchers is from a built environment specialisation within the QUT Centre for the Environment. They conduct research into energy, wind/ventilation, lighting, comfort and post occupancy evaluation. Some of this research is built on building physics, but this is extended into human perceptions, human comfort conditions and indoor air quality. Members of this group have also been involved in the development of software tools that support informed decision-making by architects and engineers.

Facilities: There is extensive data on the material composition of common building components defined using parameters to handle variations in sizing and configuration. There are a number of general purpose laboratories available on the Gardens Point campus. There are also specialised laboratories for indoor air quality assessment and lighting. Much of the data collection occurs on buildings on the Gardens Point campus and also off-site. There are existing research collaborations with other groups at QUT, other Australian universities and international universities.

Contact: Dr Sara Omrani, +61 7 3138 3337, s.omrani@qut.edu.au; Prof. Robin Drogemuller, +61 7 3138 6965, robin.drogemuller@qut.edu.au, https://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/s.omrani