Ep 6. RealTech: Investment Insights with Taronga Ventures’ Jonathan Hannam and Julian Kezelman

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RealTech: Investment Insights with Taronga Ventures' Jonathan Hannam and Julian Kezelman


  • RealTechX ESG Impact Video (Taronga Ventures) View
  • Allume - Enabling a single rooftop solar system to be shared between multiple apartments or commercial tenants (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Darabase – Software allowing property owners to monitor, manage and serve augmented reality content on their buildings (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Inspace – Platform that enables people to virtually ‘walk-through’ properties, whether they are already built or not (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Omnyfy – Software for retail asset owners to rapidly launch and manage multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Portt – Software transforming sourcing activities and supplier contracts into strategic business assets and outcomes (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Propella.ai – Facilitating better location-based decisions using big data, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Qualis Flow – Digital capture of materials and waste data on construction sites for compliance and sustainability (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Spacecube – Design and development of modular infrastructure that is quick to deploy, relocatable and customisable (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Trendspek – 3D models and drone-captured data for asset and operations managers to ensure real-time asset insights (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
  • Valen Energy - Vertical solar energy generation poles used to power lighting, security, cell towers and remote IoT applications (RealTechX Showcase 2021) View
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