Ep 9. Conversation 3. Leadership and Innovation with Jeff Immelt and Bill Ruh

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Conversation 3: Leadership and Innovation with Jeff Immelt and Bill Ruh


  • PANELLIST: Jeff Immelt, Venture Partner, NEA, author, and former chairman and CEO of GE View
  • PANELLIST: Jeff Immelt, Venture Partner, NEA View
  • PANELLIST: Jeff Immelt, Lecturer in Management Stanford University View
  • PANELLIST: William Ruh, CEO Lendlease Digital View
  • PANELLIST: William Ruh, Lendlease Podium View
  • REFERENCE: Jeff Immelt “Hot Seat What I Learned Leading a Great American Company ” Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, 2021 View
  • REFERENCE: Six Sigma and Lean, Grey Campus View
  • REFERENCE: Gas Turbines, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: Electric Vehicles, Tesla View
  • REFERENCE: Ceramic Matrix Composite, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: Jet Engines, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: Healthcare Ultrasounds, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: Omar Ishrack, Medtronic View
  • REFERENCE: Electric Vehicles, General Motors View
  • REFERENCE: Culture of Innovation at Amazon, Fearless Culture View
  • REFERENCE: Boeing in Space, Boeing View
  • REFERENCE: Space X View
  • REFERENCE: Blue Origin View
  • REFERENCE: Vertical, Horizontal and Exponential Innovation in Jeff Immelt “Hot Seat What I Learned Leading a Great American Company ” (Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, 2021) View
  • REFERENCE: GE Ecomagination, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum View
  • REFERENCE: COP26, UN Climate Change Conference UK (2021 ) View
  • REFERENCE: What is Australia Bringing to COP26, The Australia Institute View
  • REFERENCE: Australia’s Making Positive Energy, Australian Government View
  • REFERENCE: Renewable Energy, Our World in Data View
  • REFERENCE: Monitoring Methane from Gas Pipelines, Phys Org View
  • REFERENCE: The Batteries that Could Make Follis Fuels Complete, BBC View
  • REFERENCE: Fusion Energy, Nature View
  • REFERENCE: Can Supersonic Air Travel Fly Again, (New York Times 2021) View
  • REFERENCE: Boom Supersonic Flight View
  • REFERENCE: Baseload power and what it means for the future of renewables, (CSIRO 2018) View
  • REFERENCE: Applications of Artificial Intelligence AI in Healthcare: A Review, Science Open, 2021 View
  • REFERENCE: Edison Intelligence to Enable Better Patient Care, General Electric View
  • REFERENCE: How the Supply Chain Crisis Unfolded, (New York Times 2021) View
  • REFERENCE: Australia GDP from Construction, Australian Economics View
  • REFERENCE: PropTech 3.0 the Future of Real Estate, (University of Oxford 2017) View
  • REFERENCE: Australian Labour Shortage, Business Insider, 2021 View
  • REFERENCE: The Six Sigma Way, How GE, Motorola and other Companies are Honing their Performance, McGraw Hill Professional, 2001 View
  • REFERENCE: The 4 Biggest Trends In Big Data And Analytics Right For 2021, (Forbes 2021) View
  • REFERENCE: Elon Musk Says The Future Of Humanity Depends On Us Merging With Machines (General Electric 2017) View
  • REFERENCE: Digital Industrial Transformation Playbook, General Electric, 2017 View
  • REFERENCE: Its Time to Get Rid of the IT Department, (Wall Street Journal 2021) View
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