Ep 8. Conversation 2. Deconstructing Katerra with Brian Potter, Prof. Jennifer Whyte and Daryl Patterson

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Conversation 2: Deconstructing Katerra Katerra's Brian Potter, USYD Prof. Jennifer Whyte and Lendlease Digital's Daryl Patterson


  • PANELLIST: Brian Potter: Katerra ex-employee; Structural Department Manager at DEVITA Inc; and Construction Physics author View
  • PANELLIST: Prof. Jennifer Whyte, Head of the School of Project Management, University of Sydney; and Director of the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership View
  • PANELLIST: Daryl Patterson: Chief Product Officer and Head of Design, Lendlease Digital View
  • PARTNER VOICE 1. Damien Crough, Executive Chairman, prefabAUS View
  • PARTNER VOICE 2. Karl-Heinz Weiss, Head of Value Chain Relationships and RandD, Lendlease Digital Delivery View
  • PARTNER VOICE 3. Gavin Tonnet, Chief Operating Officer and CEO Australia, Utecture, Donovan Group View
  • PARTNER VOICE 4. Matthew Barbuto, Co-founder and CEO, Ynomia View
  • BUILDING 4.0 CRC: Isaac Coonan, Building 4.0 CRC Industry Lead View
  • REFERENCE: Brian Potter - Construction Physics Blog View
  • REFERENCE: Brian Potter - Another Day in Katerradise, 2021 View
  • REFERENCE: Ben Horowitz - The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There are No Easy Answers, 2014 View
  • REFERENCE: Professor Stuart Green Director and Principle Investigator Innovative Construction Research Centre View
  • REFERENCE: Daniel Hall, Jennifer Whyte and Jerker Lessing, Mirror-breaking strategies to enable digital manufacturing in Silicon Valley construction firms: a comparative case study, 2020 View
  • REFERENCE: Shanjing (Alexander) Zhou, “Digitally-enabled Product Platform Strategies: Industrialized building firms, modularity and Open innovation” View
  • REFERENCE: Dame Judith Hackitt, Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report, 2018 View
  • REFERENCE: Prof. Jennifer Whyte, Motivations for innovation in the built environment: new directions for research, Systemic Innovation in Construction, 2011 View
  • View
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