Lighthouse Project Manager ASSOC. PROF. DANE MILLER

Associate Professor Dane Miller is an experienced researcher, design practitioner and educator. 

Dr Miller’s role at the Building 4.0 CRC is in parallel with his appointment as the Discipline Leader: Construction at Bond University. He is also a founding partner of Structural Diagnostics, a Structural Engineering firm that specialises in the maintenance and remediation of large-scale buildings and infrastructure. He has worked extensively in the construction industry, across many aspects of design, procurement and delivery. His primary academic research interests are – design optimisation, the incorporation of sustainability into the design and delivery of buildings as well as structural health monitoring. He has a real focus on translational research projects, that provide tangible benefits to industry. 

 Dr Miller holds a B. Eng (HONS) and B. Env Sc. (HONS) as well as a PhD in the field of Structural Engineering.