Ahmed Ba Rahma

Ahmed is a PhD researcher at the University of Melbourne (UoM).

Ahmed received a scholarship from BFOS to study a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia. The most vital project in his final year was nonlinear finite element analysis of thin walled steel tube columns. Afterwards, Ahmed was awarded another scholarship by HEHD to study MSc in Structural Engineering & Construction at UPM, Malaysia. The improvement of the properties of the concrete mix was the focus of his thesis and he published a paper on the influence of carbon nanotubes in cement composites.

Ahmed’s research aims to lower the demand for primary resources through the use of construction demolition waste in various applications and  reduce emissions during the manufacturing process, including increased production efficiencies, and technology advancements; as well as increasing the closed-loop circularity for materials.