PLATFORMS & MARKETPLACES: The Next Chapter in Building Innovation

Building 4.0 CRC will be in Sydney and Brisbane, hosting an exclusive invitation only discussion of cutting-edge ideas and technologies taking the building industry into the future. Hear directly from the founders and executives of guest companies, pioneering innovation in Australia and around the world.  

The State of Play 

Issues such as housing supply, labour shortage and supply chain are coalescing to force the industry to consider new ways to deliver buildings more effectively and efficiently. 

The platforms and marketplaces generated by our guest companies have deep roots in innovation: bringing together the trends of industrialisation, digital and technological solutions and new operating models.  

At this event we will discuss how these innovative approaches to building delivery can help us build better, more efficiently and with great resilience through a capital “lite” approach. 

This is an invitation-only event for senior private and public sector executives, please email info@building40crc.org for more information.

Image by presenting organisation uTecture.