Energy Efficiency for Future Buildings – Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities

The recent updates of the National Construction Code (NCC) in October 2022 have mandated the Minimum Energy Efficiency Star Rating for new homes to be increased from 6 to 7 stars throughout Australia. This seminar discussed the key changes and practical measures to meet the 7-Star NatHERS performance band in the major climate zones in Australia.

Presented by Building 4.0 CRC’s Program Leader for Building Transformation, Prof Tuan Ngo; Sustainable Building Advisor of MBAV, Dr Phil Alviano; B40CRC Theme Coordinators, Dr Phil Christopher & Dr Jennifer Zhou, the discussion included:

– The comparative energy performance of different building systems.

– The efficacy and benefits of greater insulation, in ceiling, floor and wall systems and emerging new technologies for energy efficient homes.

Finally, a summary of the most cost-effective combinations to meet 7-Star was presented.

This was held on 9th November 4-6.30pm, as an in-person event at:
Master Builder Association Victoria, 49 Brady St, South Melbourne, Melbourne.

Read more about the event here.

Watch the event presentations here.