Construction Platforms: Potentials and Pitfalls from Product to Ecosystem

Platform-thinking promises to change construction in terms of product design, supply chain coordination, and business models. “Construction Platforms: Potentials and Pitfalls” will explore how platforms are emerging in construction, with discussion of implications in terms of the physical and digital faces of the built environment.

The construction industry traditionally relies on project-based thinking and practice. This project-focus consists of temporary organisations that form to deliver one-off buildings that respond to unique and changeable site conditions. In response, platforms have begun to emerge in construction from, product platforms in manufacturing to digital platforms that leverage developments in the technology sector.

Presented by Building 4.0 CRC’s Lead Researcher at Monash University, Program Co-ordinator of Digitisation and Director Future Building Initiative, Dr Duncan Maxwell, panellists included:

  • Matthew Barbuto, Co-founder Ynomia
  • Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Future Building Initiative Monash University, and Building Design & DFMA Theme Coordinator Building 4.0 CRC
  • Priya Das, Researcher Future Building Initiative, Monash University.

This event was held as in-person event on June 22nd 2022 at Monash Art Design & Architecture, Caulfield Melbourne.

Read more about the event here.